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Feb 11th, 2015

Screensaver Cristianos is an interesting tool with which you can put screensavers of Bible verses on your copmuter, giving it a personal touch whenever it is idle. The program includes a wide range of images that can be changed when you get tired of looking at the same one.

To use the application, just launch the screensaver option directly from Screensaver Cristianos instead of the normal way. If you access the customization outside of the program, you will only have access to the default pictures that come with Windows and not the ones included with this program.

The images included in this package are great mix of beautiful landscapes, psalms, proverbs, and verses from the Bible. So when your PC is idle and launches the screensaver, you can read the different verses over a soothing background, including sounds and other beautiful effects.

The Gospel of John is included in its entirety, and his psalms alternate with different wallpapers from the pack. Each has different effects, so you won't always hear or see the same one. Some even have 3D animations. The speeds and transitions of the animations can be adjusted from the Screensaver Christians customization panel, if you like.
Translated by Taryn

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Feb 11th, 2015

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